Specialty Leasing

A Specialty Lease at Sunrise Mall is a shorter-term lease for carts, kiosks, and inline stores. This type of lease is often used as an incubator for stores to grow and expand. It is also an excellent option to test a product or add a seasonal location for additional sales. For more information visit spinosoleasing.com.

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Permanent Leasing

A Permanent Lease at Sunrise Mall is a long-term lease option for established business and retailers looking for an increased presence in the market. For more information visit spinosoleasing.com.

Specialty Leasing Application

Personal Information
Business Information
Concept/Product Information
Who is your target customer?
What sales volume would you project for your concept?
Is your merchandise …
Do you have established resources/suppliers for the product you will sell?
How long does it take to receive or produce your product?
Have you operated any other businesses?
Have you operated businesses in any other mall before?